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I am taking Diclofenac Potassium, Gabapentin, and Methotrexate. Can I take Glucosamine MSM too?

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endlessPred 11 Oct 2013

When being treated for arthritis it is important to let your doctor know about all the supplements you take. A daily vitamin, cold medicine, and laxatives, so forth. Some may mix up the results from medications or tests, some do interfere with medications. Should you have a doubt, your pharmacist can check as well. I believe that the glucosamine has been shown ineffective although some people swear by it. That is because which type of inflammation you have makes a difference and probably your genetics.

Heart medications, alcohol and Caffeine are common substances that should not be with the methotrexate. No known interaction exists between the others. Let your doctor know. Liver damage is possible with alcohol.

Inactive 11 Oct 2013

My experience has been that doctors don't have a clue about supplements and are very likely to say not to take them. They aren't educated about them, which is sad. I'm convinced that all the supplements and alternative medicine I've done over the years is why my poor body isn't a whole lot worse! Your best bet is to check to make sure there are no interactions, as Endless Pred has done, then to try it. You should always let your doctor know what you are taking, but I do so as a courtesy as I'm not asking for their permission. I've sought out the advice of herbalists and nutritionists from time to time to get their more educated assessment, and have found it to be very helpful. Glucosamine didn't help me, but it did my husband. Worth a try! - EJ23

endlessPred 14 Oct 2013

Most supplements are listed in the interaction check, above. One drug combination that is not to be taken is an antidepressant with St.johns Wart. Very bad.

Since I live in a teaching community and a medical school present, the docs are very up on the interactions. For example they tell me to take coQ 10 to help with the muscle disease. Lots of natural care around here. Insurance covers many of these treatments. Even Medicare will cover acupuncture if the doc does a referral. Always let your doctor know. I can't take magnesium products within four hours of my medications. They know this well. Good luck with your search. free discount card

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