I've been taking Lexapro for 6 years. For most of that time I was at 30 mg a day. Then I asked my doctor if it was okay to taper down, he said yes, so I dropped to 20 in a few weeks and 10 a few weeks later. I experienced some panic attacks, but I stayed at 10 mg for a month and a half and got completely level (and actually felt more mentally envigorated).

However, I started tapering again going to 7.5 mg and a week and a half in got nauseous. My doctor suggested I go back up to 10 mg and taper down more slowly. The next morning I took 10 mg and had a HUGE panic attack. Why? Then I went back to 7.5 mg the next day, and again today. Same panicky feelings! And they seem perpetual, like they never die down.

Intrigue: The Sunday I started feeling overly nauseous I had picked up a new bottle of Lexapro Generic. Do you think it could be that specific medication that is giving me all these issues?