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I have been taking clozapine for 13 years I want to stop taking it how do I go about this?

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Stephen Treloar 12 Dec 2016

The FDA instructions say to taper down over two weeks; I really would encourage you to read this: I'm mostly concerned that it seems a decision you have made by yourself and not under the advice of the treating psychiatrist. Sometimes I think I can go without medication and it almost invariably turns out to be a mistake.

So, do you have any replacement medication planned? I'm genuinely concerned given what it is used for; it is not something you get better from; you seem to be doing okay so why rock the apple cart?

Jodi30 12 Dec 2016

It's the blood tests mainly very painful as I've been having them once a month for 13 years and also working full time it's difficult to attend for blood tests and collecting them. I feel I'm cured!

Stephen Treloar 15 Dec 2016

That's the part that concerns me; the feeling that you are cured and so why am I taking this medication? I do it myself and I'm not cured, it is the medication that keeps everything at bay. A monthly blood test is no biggy, I've become friends with my regular collection nurses and other staff. I actually enjoy the entire visit as the collection part is painless. They are far nicer and supportive than my family

Stephen Treloar 15 Dec 2016

PS. My blood collection clinic is open on Saturday mornings, maybe one near you is also? The pain from the needle? My nurses found that my cubital vein was best for collection and have used the same spot for years; it has left a little dimple and left some scar tissue but it is always reliable (the dimple is a good guide too; x marks the spot). One stand in nurse decided to ignore me and gave me 11 holes before she gave in and collected it from old faithful. You could also request they use a smaller gauge needle and a syringe for collection rather than those vacuum type devices with the horse needle that always collapses my veins.

I think you can see that I am really against quitting without a psychiatrists approval and concerned for your welfare, your job, everything.

sandyleerobb1 2 Jan 2017

I feel the longer you are on a med, the more your brain has reworked itself to accept it. Going off it requires careful supervision. I took an antidepressant pretty steadily for 14 years. Every time I tried to stop it I experienced brain zaps and other withdrawal symptoms. Finally after tapering super slowly I have been med free for 8mos. But that is not clozapine. My son has been on it 2.5 yrs and would like to decrease it but schizophrenia is a much more potentially dangerous than just depression. Be careful and trust those around you to tell you if your behavior is changing in a negative manner.

Sammy5504 14 Jul 2017

Hi. I'm taking clozapine. I got pneumonia & was in the hospital for a week they stopped my clozapine immediately. After I recovered my psychiatrist had to admit me to mental hospital to commence clozapine again. I had to be titrated again until I reached my dosage again. I never suffered any side effects when I was stopped suddenly by the hospital. My dose was 350mgs daily. Regards. Sam. free discount card

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