ADD. I take 150 mg every day but I still feel nervous. I am a very nervous person and my job is very stressful so I told my pdoc and he added effexor xr. I also take 1mg of clonozepam every night to help me sleep. The clonozepam does nothing for my stress or nerves so this is why the pdoc suggested effexor. The pdoc told me that I could probably stop the clonozepam and the buproprion once the effexor takes effect. My question is this, if I don't like the effexor and want to go back on bupropion, will the bupropion work the same way it did before I took the effexor? I have heard that if you stop a drug and then go back on it, sometimes you don't get the same effect from it that you did the first time. Does anyone out there know the answer to this?