I have been taking benzos for about 4 months, some days I can take up to 8-10 mgs of klonopin a day now i will obviously feel some withdrawals i know that but what i am asking is is there any way that i can maybe ween myself down slowly? And another thing is what will help with these withdrawals? Someone told me Catapres/Clonodine then someone also told me some kind of muscle relaxer like flexaril. I have heard more than one time the Catapres thing and I have been in rehabs where thats what they were giving so im thinking thats the route im going to take as im weening down... someone please tell me if i am even close to being right??? And one last thing, can you get addicted to Catapres and get sick if you dont take it anymore after taking it for a period of time? Someone please take time out of your day to please just answer these questions b/c I have no clue!!! Thanks soooo Much... Danielle Marie