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Taking apresoline,losartan and atenolol-is there one medications to substitue for these 3?

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kaismama 22 May 2013

No. There us a good reason for more then one. While they are all bp meds, they all work differently. This makes them work together to bring down the bp better then any one med could.

Abigayle 23 May 2013

The best person to answer that question would be your doctor. I have been on just one sometimes... but do seem to do best with the two I am on now. They are Cardizem ER 360mg and Verapamil ER 240 mg. I know they are both calcium-channel blockers, but they are what seems to work best for me. I have asthma... and use to take a beta-blocker and my asthma doctor said it was causing a chronic cough and needed to be switched because they constrict the bronchials and make asthmatics worse in the long run. I do have supra-ventricular tachycardia also. free discount card

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