I was bit by my dog last night square in the center of my wrist, I would say it's a moderate bite. She got me pretty good and went fairly deep. I went to the ER because it was bleeding quite a bit and the location of the bite concerned me. They took Xrays and luckily she did not get any of the tendons. I washed it with normal soap and water and it's currently bandaged up. The dr. prescribed me with antibiotics. I am very apprehensive to take the antibiotics as they royally mess me up for months and months. I have had severe IBS since I was a teenager, and while I have learned to manage it very well in my everyday life, the use of antibiotics ruins all of the progress I have made.

I am wondering if I can hold off on taking these antibiotics for now, just take very good care of the bite and keep an eye out for infection - and start taking the antibiotics if I see signs of infection? I would do anything NOT to take them until I really have to. Am I putting myself in danger by doing that, or do you think it is ok? Thank you in advance!!