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Taking ALLI and started weight watchers three weeks ago. No weight loss, no oily poop. WHAT GIVES?

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my mom was taking Alli and didnt lose any weight. she did have oily poops. they now have lawsuits out against it for causing deaths. i dont remember if it was heart attacks or what, but please research it... you might wanna stop taking it

Fat with stress 13 Aug 2010

thanks. i probably will. it's kind of expensive considering it's not working. i was considering giving it another 30 days, but will likely not.

after i had my first child, i went to a medical weight loss place. they give you vitamin b-12 shots in your butt... along with phentermine to supress your appitite. they give you a diet plan to follow. you go every week for the shots. its kinda expensive. they dont take insurance or anything you pay out of pocket. it was about 200 to start then 100 & something every month after that. the first month i went from 193 to 172. i was really happy with the results... but i cant afford it anymore. i wish i could go back. its the ONLY thing that ever worked for me

Inactive 13 Aug 2010

Instead of what you are taking, GNC has a great product, no bounce effect, very safe, no side effects.

It is called Total lean, you take 3 capsules a day, half and hour before each meal, and drink plenty of fluids. There are 2 one with guarana and caffeine and the other one is natural..go for the natural one. What it is , is CLA made from a plant (conjugated linoleic acid) it works , trust me.-

Before you take it talk to your doctor about.-

You can have non refined carbs in the morenig and at lunch, no carbs afeter 3 oclock,.

Hypocaloric diet, lots of protein with salads. Snacks fuits, usually apples.. etc.-

Once again..take care

Fat with stress 13 Aug 2010

i will check it out! thanks.

Jayhaux 4 Mar 2012

Congratulations! You must be eating a low fat diet. If you follow the diet plan you shouldn't have the nasty side effects some complain about. However, it will still block a percentage of your fat intake. free discount card

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