I will follow up with my doc tomorrow (office closed and it's not an urgent issue), but I was fine waking up with just Lyrica 50mg for 3 weeks now. Upped to 75mg 2 days ago but also started Zyprexa 10mg last night. Both at bedtime, did not take the Clonezapam I usually take at bedtime because it looks like that doesn't mix well with Zyprexa. However, I am really feeling funky now... best word to describe it. I did wake with a migraine, but I slept way longer than usual and I will get migraines if I oversleep, so that is a possible explanation.

QUESTION: Is it a possible mixture of the two or maybe timing (take Lyrica at bedtime and Zyprexa when I awake, mid-day, or just perhaps a number of hours before bedtime and then Lyrica just as I hit the pillow? Sorry for the rambling... :) Who out there has taken these and what time of the day? My Adderall XR 30 should wake my butt up when I take it but not today. :-{

I have chronic neck pain and headaches from a car accident, plus sleep apnea (use a CPAP), migraines (5-10 a month avg), ADHD, and suffer from many of the FMS/CFS symptoms but not diagnosed. I think the Lyrica is helping... not taking as much Soma or Lortab (or Tramadol) for pain. I get manic but not really low and bipolar runs in the family a bit. I'm mainly using/trying Zyprexa for anxiety (fairly high level of it) plus maybe it will help if I do have mild bipolar issues.

Oh, and I'm a 38 year old male, in general good health except for what I posted above.

Thanks so much for any help or input!