My man has been taking venlafaxine for 4 to 5 years with varying dosing. He never took what was prescribed due to the side effect of erectile disfunction.
So, about 6 weeks ago he was prescribed the bupropion hcl 150mg daily and is taking the adderall.
I have noticed such a huge difference in his behavior. He is very aggressive now and hostile. These emotions occur and moments later he is very nice.
Also, he adds alcohol to this and that of course makes it much worse.
I am the one that gets this hostility and anger. He argues with me about what he has said. His memory is different than fact.
I am very upset as we have been together on and off since 1969.
I am very sorry to go on and on but my problem more than anything is that even if you answer this and give me the correct info, making him believe it is more than difficult.
He is retired and 61 years old, only child, having to make decisions regarding both of his parents, ages 86/87. Mother with advanced dememtia,86.. and father alzheimers,87. This is his largest problem at this time. It overwhelms him but it he wants my help but only in the exact way at that time.
If I make no sense, sorry but trying to send this without his knowledge, thanks