I have been on the pill for 2 years now (tricyclen low). I take it at the same time every single day and I've never missed a day or been late in my timing. 2 weeks ago I had a yeast infection for the 1st time and took OTC meds (Canesten 3 day ovules) and was also given Diflucan once seen by a doctor. My period was suppose to come later on that week but never did. I ended up getting it a full week late..the same day that I started a new pill pack. The period only lasted 4 days but since I was on my period AND taking active pills, does it change anything? Could this affect my cycle in the next few months? Am i still protected/is the pill still as effective? This has never happened before so I just want to make sure how to go about this..
Once in a while my period comes a day or 2 early, before my placebo week, but never has it come at the beginning of a new pill pack.