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Is taking 7 to 10 hydrocodene a day ok?

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DancnDar 12 Mar 2016

It's only ok if your doctor prescribed it to you this way. Everyone needs different amounts of pain medicine to get through the day, but you should never take more than is prescribed for you. If you feel you need more than prescribed call your doctor and talk to him about it.

chuck1957 12 Mar 2016

Walter; even if the doctor is saying that is okay if this is the one with the acetaminophen in it you are getting very close to the maximum dose of tylenol(acetaminophen) you could do some serious damage to your liver or kidneys. call your doctor Monday and see what else you can take before you end up hurting yourself.

brettcourt 12 Mar 2016

Hi, my doctor told me when you take this sort of drug you have to take something like nexium to protect the stomach. I have to say this is an awfully high dose to be taking and like the others say it can damage the liver. Hope this helps. Stay safe.

mademychoice39 12 Mar 2016

All this is going to do to you is cause your tolerance to pain medications to become very high, and regular doses aren't going to help you as well. Not to mention the damage to your liver and kidneys from the acetaminophen. At the pain specialist I saw for years, once I needed more than 4-5 Hydrocodone a day for pain relief, I was switched to something stronger at the same dose of 4 a day. Like Percocet for example. You should talk to your doctor about a stronger pain medication at a lower dose. 7 to 10 is too many, and you will be very addicted before long. free discount card

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