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Taking 40 mg elexa, upped Cymbalta to 60, added 100 mg trazodone. Worried about side effects

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WildcatVet 22 Oct 2016

Hi, pmj! Serotonin syndrome is a very rare but serious condition caused by taking multiple antidepressants. Is your doctor aware that you're taking this combination and monitoring you closely?,679-335,949-2273

Best wishes to you. Wildcat

Sigmundfriend 25 Oct 2016

Trazodone in combination with the other drugs you are taking can indeed cause serotonin syndrome. If you are taking trazodone to sleep I would suggest you ask your doctor about a medication specifically designed for insomnia. Trazodone is an antidepressant that happens to have a side effect of drowsiness so many people find it an ineffective sleep aid.

orion555 26 Oct 2016

Serotonin Syndrome is pretty rare, and pretty noticeable. If you feverish, anxious, sweaty, that kind of stuff, get checked out but I personally think what you're on is fairly low, dose wise. Celexa is pretty safe as far as side effects go, Trazodone is an anti-depressant also, an atypical one but it's often used for sleep and to lower anxiety. It's not considered habit forming. You'll probably find you sleep harder and may feel dizzy until you adjust. Oh, you might be really hungry too, my clients experience that a lot with it. I would avoid alcohol, St. John's Wart and grapefruit juice though. Trazodone should kick in pretty fast, but go back to your doc in like two or three weeks to let them know how you're doing with it in case they need to tinker with the dosages. Be careful driving too. free discount card

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