Hi, I am taking Wellbutrin 300mg for a depression which has lasted for some 5 months. I am much better and the Wellbutrin seems to have worked well. I am now very near to being completely well, but seem to have reached a plateau where I don't seem to be getting any better and reaching normal mode. My doctor gave me 25mg of Nortryptylene to try and push up the last little bit and to feeling 100 % again, but there was no reaction. I live in Italy, where the maximum recommended dose of Wellbutrin is 300mg and there are only 150 and 300mg tablets on sale. I believe in the US, the maximum dose is much higher at 450mg. I am planning to tell my doctor this in 2 weeks. Perhaps I can take 375mg of Welbutrin by taking an additional 150mg every other day. Is there any medecine that works particularly well in combination with wellbutrin? Many thanks for any advice given.