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I'm taking 3,000mg of Keppra daily to control my seizures is this something I should be concerned?

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Karl_01 17 Sep 2017

At this moment i'm taking 5000 mg keppra and 1000 mg tegretol CR(=carbamazepine) daily, my weight is 75 kg (=+-11 stone/150 pounds), i have a blood control every 6 months , they will watch the influence of the medication on the function of the kidneys and have also added a folium acid supplement of 1000 mg as keppra breaks it down more rapidly . I take 2000mg at 7 AM, 1000mg at 12PM and 2000 mg at 19PM. In this month i forgot the 12 o'clock medication once and within 3 hours i had uncontrolled twitching of my right leg, so i checked my medication box and took the forgotten pill and it disappeared. When i had my latest bloodtest i had to take my medication 90 minutes later and that day i felt an aura twice but luckily i didn't had a seizure. i use a medication kit for 7 days my mobile phone with the 3 timers (7-12-19h), and i only had 1 glas of alcohol since september 2016, since i passed the 3000 mg doses (september 2016). My epilepsy specialist also asked me to have a bloodtest the day a seizure comes trough completely. Since i started taking Keppra i haven't lost consciousness once and the seizure last only 7 minutes (from start to finish). Since i take 5000mg also the twitching has disappeared. Since i got to the 3000mg intake (april) my specialist has asked to come to hospital everytime a seizure came through completely , i am then monitored closely with machines for 72h and released after 5 to 7 days, as they can not understand why i am still having seizures that break through completly. Hope this helps a bit.

bestpup 17 Sep 2017

Hello Debideb59
Keppra otherwise known as Levetiracetam is a very good seizure drug for most people.
Like the other member mentioned the amount of Keppra taken is based on your weight. Keppra has nothing to do with drug tolerance.
I myself suffer from epilepsy and I take four 500mg tablets of Keppra ER (extended release) once a day.
When you're prescribed Keppra it's a good idea to have a standing order for blood work for Keppra at the phlebotomists office. This way the neurologist can measure the level of Keppra in your system from time to time.
My neurologist also prescribes vitamin D2 1.25 mg once a week. It's not uncommon for people who have epilepsy to always have a low level of vitamin D. By taking the prescription type of vitamin D you only have to take it once a week.
Lastly it's important to note that Keppra comes in an extended release form. This for me is very important. Now I don't have to look at the clock three times a day to make sure I've taken my Keppra. Instead I take my Keppra tablets once a day and to this day I have been seizure-free for over 5 years.
My neurologist tried me on three other antiseizure medication before she found Keppra ER.
If you have any questions about Keppra and the possible side effects I would be happy to help you.
Best of luck!
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