I dont ever remember the Drs putting me on this combination before. I had been on Abilify for 12 years 30mg and weaned myself off after finding i had developed diabetes. 1 yr later, I am showing signs of extreme anxiety and panick attacks, anger, and paranoia almost. shortly after stopping chantix 3 months ago.
I am also taking adavan 2 x's daily. Which of the 2 mood stabilizers would be preferred for calming the anxiety attacks and helping me sleep at night? I don't like taking all these meds. Im now showing signs of irregular heartbeat Once already (yesterday) it had to be the doxepin , because they just started me on the abilify last night. I am trying to also stop smoking and just put a patch on this morning, as I also have emphzema starting up as well. Im a real mess lol!!! any advice?