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I have been taking 16mg a day for 7 days will I get sick I get them on 7th?

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LaurieShay 6 Feb 2013

Suboxone stays in your system for several days before withdrawal sets in from lack of taking it. If you miss one day, you'll be ok. 16mgs is a high dose, I would hope you could cut back from this high of a dose eventually.

xoqtox1960 9 Feb 2017

Do u know this from personal experience. I only ask this because all medicinal doc's say it will stay in your system for a few days. How do they know, they've never been on it

LaurieShay 10 Feb 2017

There is something called a half-life. Half-life is the amount of time required for the concentration of a substance in the body to decrease by half. Scientists can measure this decrease through urine and blood testing when the substance is studied. It is not based on personal experience, but rather scientific study of the substance in the body. Each substance has a unique half-life.

mhelcl 10 Mar 2013

You will probably feel not prefect but as long as you manage to get your next dose within 48 hours from your last dose, you will most likely be able to make it feeling all right. If you go past 72 hours between your doses, it will likely get very bad for you. You will not die, but you will gradually start to feel quite ill. The good news is that all the symptoms, no matter how bad they get will resolve quickly as soon as you dose your normal amount of SUB again.

Troylee0001 10 Apr 2013

No you wont get sick. I've been taking these for a long time and know that you can go a few days 2-3 before you get sickj. You'll be a little uncomfortable but you'll be ok. Good luck to you...

subz5years 29 May 2013

You have a good 36 hours before it's terrible. If you can get some klonopin would be better longer half life.good luck free discount card

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