Four years ago my doctor started me on sertraline. It worked very well in helping me to deal with depression and anxiety as a family member was recovering from alcoholism. I really felt great. It definitely took the edge off of my reaction to situations. However, I have Lost all interest in sex and have decreased sensitivity in the sexual areas. I have gained about 15 pounds and have begun losing my hair. By the way I am a woman. Thinning hair is a big deal to me. My doctor changed me to bupropion. I don't feel like it is helping me very much. I cry a lot and really and not as excited or happy about my every day life and the activities that used to be fun. I definitely have more anxiety. I feel that anxiety is a bigger part of my problem then depression. I have been on the new medication for one month. I am definitely feeling and improvement in my sexual drive though I am nowhere near where I would like to be or feel I need to be but there is an improvement. I met with my doctor today and he talked about me trying paxil. I have read the side effects that are common and the effects of withdraw from this medication and feel like it is not a risk that I want to take. He suggested adding a low dose of sertraline along with the bupropion that I am now taking. I really don't know what to do. He mentioned a couple of other drugs Brentellix or viibryd. Both of these drugs also mention sexual side effects. Does anyone have a suggestion? Is it possible that some kind of counseling could help me deal with The anxiety and I would not need the sertraline. Please help