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I'm taking 112.5 mg of Opana ER a day, and need to taper! How can I do this?

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kaismama 25 Jan 2013

You need to get the help of your doc for this. He can guide you.

TheVillain76 26 Jan 2013

Thanks, I met with my doctor yesterday and I started my taper yesterday. It's a two week taper, and I can't wait to see how I'll feel (pain wise), after my taper. I'm hoping that the pain wasn't really what I thought it was, and I'm going to be able to stay off all pain meds. I was given medicine for anxiety, nausea, sleep, and oxymorphone 10mg immediate release. I'm tired of being a chronic pain patient, and I want my life back!!!

cjoyce714 26 Mar 2013

That Is Hard. However, It's Completely Understandable That You Want To Stop Being A Slave To Pain Meds! I Feel That Way Myself Sometimes, But I'm Just Not That Strong. However, There ARE Lots Of People In Chronic Pain Who Do NOT Use Pain Meds At All! This Amazes Me--Maybe They Meditate ALOT! Anyway, Wish You The Best! Hang In There!

TheVillain76 29 Mar 2013

Thank you for the kind words! Well, I blew the taper with my doctor, and continued taking more than I was suppose to. I then, ran out of my meds 16 days early while out of town working, and was forced to quit cold turkey!! I had w/d's for 1 day!!! I loaded up on B12,B6 and iron. I've been sick for weeks when trying to quit before but; I knew that I really wanted to kick these horrible nasty pills. I still have pain but I'm on such a high from the vitamins, and fact that I beat this addiction. My biggest fear of not having opana was not having the drive to do anything, not having mental focus and to not be happy. I'm back to the old Jake, and every aspect of my life is a million times better!!! I hope any of you fellow opana users that are in the same place I was can overcome opana. It's almost impossible to believe that I am sooo much happier and energized without the drug!! PS working out has really helped me!!! free discount card

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