... taking them is because I was diagnosed with bi-lateral avascular necrosis of the hips. I had my right hip replaced 3 years ago and am having my left hip replaced this week. I will in time need to come off the tramadol because the pain I had with the necrosis will have gone away due to the 2 hip replacements. I have been reading on forums of the horror stories people have had trying to come off tramadol. As a result, I am extremely worried that it is going to be a very difficult process. (In saying that, every story I have read, the people have been taking much much higher doses than me).

My question is does anybody have any advice coming off 100mg a day of slow release tramadol. I spoke to my doctor and she said to "just stop" but I know for a fact I shouldn't do that. She did tell me NOT to break the tablet in half. Can anybody give me some advice?

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