... depression, but was always nervous to go to a doc about it. After my husband and I had a wreck on our motorcycle where he lost his leg (a guy texting on his cell phone ran a stop sign and hit us) the docs prescribed me Zoloft because it was pretty obvious I was in need of something bad. Lately, it's not really been helping me much. My depression and crazy thoughts are at a all time high, along with my anxiety. Like a flip of a switch. Out of nowhere I'll want to cry my eyes out about nothing at all, or angry for no reason..which I was like that before but it's coming back full force. It's to a point it's crippling. I know I probably sound like a crybaby that needs to suck it up. I was just wondering if going up in Zoloft would help me, or should I look at something else? I plan on talking to my doctor about it..if I can get myself to talk to him that is