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I am taking 100 mg of tramadol 3 times a day & will take For 1wk I am 21 wks Preg will it hurt Baby?

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endlessPred 19 Jun 2013

Can cause addiction and brain problems for the child. Please contact your doctor. This needs to be examined closely. I am sure you don't want a baby born with an addiction. They suffer terribly with much pain from withdrawl, seizures and so forth. Pregnancy is the start of motherhood. Your job from now on is to care for your child. Please do the best for the baby.

endlessPred 19 Jun 2013

Also discuss delivery options. That you have back pain may become a problem as the pregnancy progresses.

Thank you... you're right I was reading a little bit more about it earlier and decided that even a weeks worth is not worth it. I just hope the few days and I did take it did not hurt.

kaismama 20 Jun 2013

Its always best not to take any medication unless its approved by your obstetrician. Check with him.

Delila 21 Jun 2013

Hi, have you considered using a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine? It is safe to use during pregnancy & labour, and can be very effective for back pain. It is simple to use and can be bought, or ordered, at most pharmacies. It isn't very expensive either. Something to consider maybe?

Chellaprov 2 Aug 2013

I cut back to 150mg a day while pregnant and my daughter was born healthy no withdrawals at all! free discount card

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