I suffer severe anxiety, panic attacks & extreme insomnia, in Australia atm they are trying to get everyone off the zanax, but i found that they were the only thing that kept me on the level& to b honest, i was also bein prescribed valium 19x 5mg per day & 3 x murelax 30mg per day. Finally i felt normal, could function in life like anyone else & occasionally was happy & felt safe from my mental world of pain!! What do i do now, that doctors are forcing me to take alternative medicine like paxam(clonazepam) which seems to do nothing but make my stress, anxiety & panic attacks more severe to the point i have to lock myself away in a room from even my family as i feel unsafe & that I'm frightened because of my now imbalance i may flip out & hurt someone, which us not the type of person i am!! Paul any advise people?? Pls help if u can