I need serious advice. My best friend who has been on fentanyl for 10 years was taken off of it yesterday. A doctor had popped a tumor and didnt tell her, then 4 years later during surgery, found out it had spread throughout. She had partial liver removal. She also has Fibromyalgia, and 2 years ago she fell and broke her hip which never healed. last month when she went to her doctors appointment there was a new doctor and he tested her for her meds. He told her yesterday that she came back negative for the opiates. Shes prescribed 3 100mcg every 3 days. She had 1 on when she went to her appointment. She's always late to the appointments because of what the patches do to her. Now the doctor has taken her off of it and told her that she can never have it or any prescript again. Her withdrawals are getting really bad and says she doent want to live. She doesnt have anything for the pain and I dont know what to do for her. Any suggestions would be great