I am a patient at pain management and i had my perscription changed from oxycontin to ms contin and i also take 30 mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain.Since the change the oxycodone seems to disagree with me.It gives me headaches and seems to be less affitiant.The morphine works better for the pain then the oxycontin did and my research confirms that people with severe cronic back pain tend to have more releaf from the morphine because of the resepters they work on.My question is shouldnt i be takeing a morphine product for breakthrough?Wouldnt the morphine breakthrough work better and together?Ive went without the oxycodone for a few days and felt much better without but had to take a extra ms contin or 2 to keep the pain somewhat at bay.Ive also just taken the oxycodone for a day or 2 and that made me feel much crappier.I know the oxycodone is suppose to be stronger but everyones body is differant and morphine seems to work better for me.I thought about asking pain management to switch to morphine for breakthrough aswell but from the research i have done they dont like the patient asking for a sertian pain med.I would like to hear someone elses apinion on the matter and hear if anyone else had the same problem,Thanks Shawn