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Can I take Tablet CRESTOR instead of CHLOSTIN ? Is both are in same combination?

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kaismama 17 Nov 2012

Crestor isn't a combination medication. I have no idea what the second one is, I don't get anything when I google it.

Inactive 17 Nov 2012

I found it!

Cholestin (red yeast rice) is a natural supplement typically found as yeast growing on rice grains. According to, Cholestin is a used in conjunction with diet and exercise to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Both cholesterol and trigylcerides are fatty substances that build up in your arteries. Complete obstruction of these arteries in your heart and brain can lead to a heart attack (myocardial infarction) and stroke (cerebrovascular accident), respectively. Take Cholestin as your doctor instructs.

kaismama 17 Nov 2012

I wouldn't take it instead of crestor without talking to the dr. Leave it to you to figure it out. lol

Inactive 17 Nov 2012

I agree with you I would take the Crestor.

Inactive 17 Nov 2012

Hello Nimsa,

Welcome to the site.

Could you be so kind as to explain the therapeutic use of CHLOSTIN?

Thanks, free discount card

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