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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - What test results confirm lupus?

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mehulbaba 9 Sep 2009

Abnormal ANA Report confirms LUPUS ...

go and consult your doctor for ANA report...

texasjanie 8 Aug 2010

it is very difficult to diganose lupus. i had 4 positive ana test and was told by 4 different drs to "just ignore them-probably just false positive" over an10 year period.and after dx and treatment at the same huge hosp for 5 years still have a dr that will say "what makes you THINK you have lupus!!! grrrr like i want it lol

bettyg6197 8 Oct 2011

It can also diagnose RA (rhematoid arthritis)... mine came back positive abnormal, I got my results b4 the doctor, now waiting on my apt... also was cked with other numerous things, Lyme came bck negative and two many to post and still some results are not finished.

Gypzsoul 29 Jan 2012

There is a double stran DNA test that they are doing with a CPR(C-reactive protien)A positive ANA is important to an SLE dx so if Doctors are telling you this test is useless find another Doctor especialy a Rheumatologist,back in the day this was the only test we had for a diagnoses of SLE and then they put you on Cytoxin treatment for 6 weeks to fight off the antibodies.I hoped this helped and wish you the very best.

Mistral 17 Dec 2010

It is true that positive ANA test is the most useful one. However according to, only 97% of patients are ANA positive, so for the other 3% other tests are needed.

They include CBC (complete blood count), urine tests, other blood tests and tissue biopsies.

Gypzsoul 29 Jan 2012

This is all true but lets not forget a SED Rate with that CBC. free discount card

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