... with a herniated disc somewhere around the T-4/T-5 area. My first Neuro guy got angry at me because I had gone to a spine & back specialist (I'd been seeing the first guy for seizures after a car accident/head injury) and was told that the syrinx had been there since I was a child. He said all my pain was musculature. He COMPLETELY disregarded the C-2&3 fx I'd had in 1969 which was multiple fractures then a laminectomy that only partially took. I'm now having lots of pain in the T-4/6 region. I was just told that I'm leaking spinal cord fluid by my new neuro guy. I don't know what to do. Frankly, I'm quite nervous. I've never been seen by a neurosurgeon. I'd take any sugestions, comments, recommendations, whatever! At this point I'm getting to the point where I find it difficult to hold my head up at times. My head is too heavy!!!