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Syphilis - Latent - what is tertiary Syphilis? what drugs are used to treat it?

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kaismama 26 Feb 2014

Tertiary syphillis is end stage that occurs 3-46 yrs after the original infection. It can happen if the syphillis isn't treated. It can be neuro syphillis, cardiac syphillis or gummatous syphillis. None of these options are a pretty thing. Latent syphillis is when you don't have any symptoms but the lab work says you have it. Penicillin is the treatment for syphillis. 50 yrs ago when I was in nursing school it was almost gone because everyone that went to a hospital had a test done for it and was treated, but with the privacy laws now they can't do that anymore.
I've seen tertiary neuro syphillis, but not often and not recently. Most people are treated when they first have symptoms. free discount card

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