What are most reported drugs thought to cause tardive dyskenesia. I am bipolar I and I have taken, Abilify, Cymbalta, Pristiq, Klonopin, focalin, lamotrigine, buspirine and others over a 40 year period. My symptons started about 3 years ago. The tardive dyskenesia affects my mouth, jaw and lips. I clench my jaws causing pain and headaches.I roll my tongue around which causes my tongue to get raw and I tap my teeth together and it makes a tapping sound. My tongue pushes my lips out and other people are noticing. It is so hard to explain. I am embarrassed to tell people it is due to taking so many drugs. They don't understand and are sometimes judgmental and wonder why I have done that. I never even heard of TD and don't understand why my physician did not make me aware of the threat of TD. I would also like to be a part of a class action lawsuit against these drug companies that are selling these drugs. However, when I reported these symptoms to my psychiatrist, he knew immediately what it was, and didn't want to see me anymore after 15 years of treatment. He recommended I see a neurologist and didn't even recommend one. The one I went to see didn't find anything that was helpful. They wanted me to take clozapine, but I have congestive heart failure and the side effects are very risky for your heart and my cardiologist strongly objected and did not want me to take it. I am miserable and at my wits end. I would also like to know if anyone has found a drug or combination of something other than clozapine. I take Vitamin E, but I can't see any benefit from it. It may sound stage, but having my trusted doctor, who I thought would always watch out for my welfare, and I could tell him anything, let me down. This has worsened my depression and I have grieved for the past year because he will no longer see me. It was very hurtful. I think he was worried about a lawsuit.