I am a 24 year old female. As of right now I am not feeling well. Well, I feel fine but my head and stomach aren't. The feeling comes and goes but has lasted now for almost 13 hours. I keep getting hot flashes. My hands get really clammy and I have to fan myself. At the same time, my head gets heavy and I feel like I'm about to faint. I have eaten a meal recently, and drank lots of fluids as this is the first thing I thought to do. But it didn't really help as I am still having these symptoms. I tried sleeping because I didn't sleep the best last night due to these symptoms that started at 1 AM. I only know the time because I woke up to pee and did not feel good then. I do have a small history of passing out. It's happened twice. Once in 6th grade during a field trip, it got too hot for me to handle. The second time, about 2 years ago the first day of college classes it was August and we were doing some exercise in my psych class involving us standing against the wall. When I pass out usually my vision is the first to go,as well as getting overly hot. I usually cry and breathe heavily too. Recently, I have been getting bad headaches and about 2 weeks ago i had an MRI done that came back normal but showed sinusitis. I am waiting to get into a neurologist because of the dizziness I keep having. My friends keep saying it's probably a stomach bug but I am not vomiting, no diarrhea, very little nausea and no fever.I'm just wondering if anyone might no what this is caused by.