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What are the symptoms of severe anxiety?

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balbanese 22 Sep 2014

They are many and often individualized. Insomnia, chronic worry, fear of going out or failure or success or the list goes on, weight loss / gain, any symptom that makes sleeping, eating, social interaction, thinking, etc, etc. difficult or impossible. Really requires a professional diagnosis, not possible to get online, must see a Dr and undergo the proper exams and testing.

cdbf666 24 Sep 2014

Heart palpitations, chills, nausea/vomiting, feeling detached or about to go out of control, constant worry or fear of impending doom or harm of friends and family, sweating, upset stomach/diarrhea, lack of sleep... only some of the symptoms. You can look on this website for further information

cdbf666 24 Sep 2014

Excuse me... I forgot exactly what site I was on. Sorry, you can look up further information on webmd free discount card

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