I got on the depo shot about 2 years ago and I am still sexually active. I've never missed a date of taking the depo shot. I have been with the same partner for years. One time recently (maybe a couple weeks ago) my partner pulled out after he climaxed but then we continued to have sex after that. I looked up the chances of getting pregnant on the depo and studies show that it's .3 percent. Anyways, the main point is is that I have been having odd symptoms. Doctors usually say that your period at this point will stop, but for the last couple of days I have been moody, had really bad headaches, and been feeling ill. The odd part is that with all these symptoms, I don't bleed... but I just spot for a couple of hours, if not less. I just want to know what is wrong, am I pregnant? Am I getting something out of the ordinary? I don't think I'm pregnant, but my main concern is I wanted to know if it is still possible to get your period on the depo after two years, or at least have the symptoms. Please help!