I am so curious about what people mean by falling asleep. I am back on Xyrem, that helps some but I usually don't have a problem getting 4-6 hours sleep if I take care of my pain.
My problem is during the day. One big trigger is passwords, As soon as I start typing one in I go out and wake up when my finger hits the end of the screen. Over and over. Does this even sound like narcolepsy? My voice will start spurring and I fall asleep foraybe 40 seconds and wake up talking as if I hadn't gone out, not skipping a beat.
I will fall asleep walking to the bathroom, didn't wake up until I hit the floor nose me.
This morning it was after sitting up In bed, smashed my head into the window, fell asleep, sum. several times before I was woken up.
When I get stuck in this repetitive pattern I have broken my hand, burned my arm and other damages.
My brother has narcolepsy and never has this happen, he falls asleep for at least walk an hour and then is awake for a while.horse
My neurlogist says there is nothing more that can be done for me. He has tried ritalin, adderal, nuvagil and the Xyrem. I can't believe that is all that can be done.
Does anyone else have these symptoms for narcolepsy?
And finally, does anyone have a service dog to help? And where do you get one trained?