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Having symptoms of MS but my pa thinks it is a reaction from taking Provigil,what do you think?

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LaurieShay 10 Feb 2013

unfortunately your question got cut off. What symptoms have you been having?

steph56 10 Feb 2013

Numbness in my legs when sitting on a hard service,my eyes have had drastic changes,I have fibromyalgia but my pain is very wide spread and my fatigue even with taking provigil,constipation,well lucky to go every 3 weeks and the most bothersome in the morning my legs don't work,literally,it's like my upper body wants to go forward or move and my legs don't or sometimes feel like they just want to give out,thank you.

LaurieShay 10 Feb 2013

Doesn't sound like any side effects from Provigil that I'm familiar with. Do you have MS?

steph56 10 Feb 2013

I have never been diagnosed with it but I have celiac and fibromyalgia and have had many symptoms for years and naturally having medical I don't see the best doctors and if I bring it up,it always something else,the provigil for example. I don't want to sound like a hypochondriac to them but that's how they make me feel.

PoisonAlice 14 Feb 2013

Have you ever had a brain scan to check to see if you have brain lesions that are associated with MS? It's also possible that your FMS is just progressing in severity, too. Fibromyalgia comes in all severities. There are plenty of people out there that have fibromyalgia that debilitates them, there are plenty of people who have mild FMS and they are still able to live full lives, and there are plenty of people who have moderate FMS that are in between the two. It's not a "one size fits all" illness, and everyone will manifest symptoms differently.

steph56 15 Feb 2013

Thank you for your response,I will talk to my pa about seeing a Dr. And having a scan. My FIBRO. Is pretty severe and sometimes very debilitating but I will continue to peruse it. Again thank you very much.

kaismama 10 Feb 2013

Your pa has to be working with a dr. Make an appt with the dr. I don't see much in the side effects of provigil that could be taken for ms symptoms. free discount card

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