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Symptoms of malaria fever?

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kaismama 9 Jan 2014

First and foremost, a very high fever. I've seen it as high as 108 when a guy had an attack. With that went chills, confusion, body aches, headaches, vomiting and possible jaundice. There can be paroxysms, where the person is very cold, shivering and shaking, then the fever again.

DzooBaby 9 Jan 2014

It comes in cycles too. They will be perfectly normal for a while then it comes on out of nowhere, they get very sick, then better and there may be a pattern and then again, may not be a pattern.

kaismama 10 Jan 2014

I had an elderly patient who had an attack but no where was a record that said he had it. I was sure it was malaria and called his son, he said dad had in ww 2 but hasn't had anything since then. So yes it can come back and not make any sense at all. free discount card

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