Well i have been having problems with my stomach for about 3 months now i have a friend that i work with who has ibs and says that all my symptoms are consistent with it. I am a 20 year old female
1. I have a pulsating sensation in my abdomen on the left side of my belly button,you can feel it when i am laying down it just feels like a heartbeat.
2. I am very nauseous at night to the point to where it feels like i have to puke,every morning i wake up i have an upset stomach it also happens on and off throughout the day but is mostly worse at night.
3. I cant go number "2" without the use of a laxative or if i consume food with more fiber. I stay constipated alot. The appearance has changed too.
4. I get pretty bloated on and off and it is noticeable my lower belly looks bigger than usual.
5. I have shooting/sharp pains randomly in my stomach area and mostly by my left hipbone i also have a random burning sensation beside the left hipbone as well,the shooting pain will sometimes go down torward my pelvis and my right side will do it on occasion as well.
6. I suffer from headaches on and off most the day i will be fine then it will come on out of nowhere it makes me feel as if i have no energy
7. I will have heartburn/ acid reflux on and off as well.
I have a doctor's appointment on the 24th i am just looking to see if anybody would possibly know anything about my symptoms. Thanks for reading and i hope you have a little advice to give (: