I seem to have all the symptoms of cushing's syndrome although I thought I had polycystic ovaries because the symptoms are similar.
i plucked up the courage to go to the doctor but she did not seem to take it as seriously as me. the doctor did arrange some blood tests and an ultrasound but nothing showed up in these tests for polycystic ovaries and the doctor never called me back to discuss further.
It is hard to relate all the symptoms I have eg severe acne , a hump between my shoulders, upper body obesity - to one medical condition so instead I have just concentrated on my acne. I am on my second course of roaccutane for acne but I am concerned that I am taking this med for nothing if the underlying cause to my problems is not diagnosed. How do I approach the doctor with this theory that I may have cushings syndrome without the fear that they might not take it seriously. I am 16 Female, have had a noticable hump since i was 12, suffer from severe acne,cystic, always had difficulty breathing, seem to have an expanded chest, have backache doing routine jobs, can have abdominal pain, irregular periods, pain in legs,noticable upper body obesity but would not say I eat big meals(feel full after 1 meal sometimes), have round fat face, have facial hair and hair running from navel downwards, always feel low and have bad moods most of the time. I have suffered in silence till now but am worried that my condition may get worse if I am not properly diagnosed. What specificaly can I say to the doctor and what specialists can I see (in Scotland)
Any feed back will be appreciated . thank you