My father, 58, passed several large kidney stones at the beginning of July. He is a chronic sufferer and often passes some stones at this time of year. For several weeks after his passing the stones (until the present), he has passed urine that alternated in color. The color ranged from a tinge of pink, to the color of watermelon flesh, to the color of normal urine. Frequently, particulate matter was present in the urine. We attributed these symptoms to damage caused by the stones as they passed through the ureters and urethra. Several days ago, a burning sensation has developed upon urinating and, starting today, he began exhibiting symptoms of influenza. Among the symptoms were fever, chills (alternating with hot flashes), and delirium (to the extent that he was unsure of the current year). The fever is intense -- his skin is very hot to the touch. Monitoring his sleep, I have also noticed that his breathing rate is elevated (yet not audibly labored), but when awake, his respiration seems to be normal. His lucidity has been off-and-on, but the apparent lapses of sanity frighten me terribly. He complains of weakness, describing all of his limbs as "heavy". He has refused Advil to lessen the fever and has rejected my offers of dialing emergency services. Due to the severe nature of the fever and the suspected presence of a urinary tract infection, I fear for his life. Any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.

Sincere thanks to the community in advance.