I have struggled with mental health issues all my life, and spent decades trying all the different antidepressants. Nothing worked, I only got worse, and gained huge amounts of weight due to an eating disorder, medications (Cymbalta was bad bad bad but my Dr. made me stay on it for 5 years).

I finally gained footing with Wellbutrin, but it started to wear off after about 2 years. My new Dr. (fantastic... first thing she did was get a genetics test done, and the results were staggering and remarkable), she put me on Lamictal Lamotrigine. My anger / irritability mood swings went almost completely away, and little by little, we inched toward a diagnosis of Bipolar 2. I went back through years of emails and charted out everything I saw... hookups, breakups, massive shopping sprees, etc. and brought it to my Dr.

My type of Bipolar 2 is the type that is heavy on the depression, heavy on the anxiety, and deep problems with insomnia.

Though Prozac has been around forever, and Olanzipine too, the two put together in a formulation is almost made with my name stamped on it. The combo is the first-line treatment for my very specific issues, and can also be prescribed (if not for Bipolar) for treatment-resistant depression.

It's perfect! Fantastic! I can't wait - maybe this will finally change my life, if my problem has been physiological after all. Then I read that basically everyone who takes it gains weight. A LOT of weight from the Olanzipine.

Is this true? Is my 280 lb butt going to turn into a 380 lb butt??? I'll be fat, but at least I'll be happy??? I tried Seroquel once... for 8 weeks... AND GAINED 30 POUNDS.

How is this handled? Does weight just go on i.e. water weight? Or does a person's appetite go out of control? Do people just become ravenous, and not pay mind to the actual number of calories they're taking in? If a person used a calorie tracking software and stayed within boundaries, does that work? Or is this just a systemic "you get fat, get used to it. You'll die young from a heart attack, but at least you won't be in full BP mode?"

Clearly I haven't started the med yet, and you're seeing a demonstration of the way my excessive worry presents itself. Sigh.

Just... someone... anyone... give me good news, bad news, tips, things you would change if you had to do it over again...

Thank you so much...