About a year and a half ago I got a swollen lump behind my right ear lobe that I'm assuming was a lymph node. This lump lasted at least 4 months and varied in size throughout the time it was "present". This lymph node has not completely disappeared and now there is a weird small empty sack of skin behind my ear. I have had bad acne, cysts, and other swollen lymph nodes, as well as ear infections and strange hard lumps inside my ear lobe. This is concerning but not necessarily worrying. I haven't been bothered to visit a doctor (don't give me a hard time) and I am a user of drugs and alcohol but not to the point of concern. I have quite oily skin and every now and then I have sore lumps that appear on the back of my neck. I would like to make sure that I have nothing to worry about. Thanks in advance for the reply.