It's been almost 2 months since the initial swelling. November 14, I wake up and start feeling like I may have strep throat. Awful sore throat, extreme chills&sweats. Left lymph node under my jaw feels tender. The next morning it was absolutely unbearable. Fever. Body aches like never before. The most painful sore throat that was only on my left side. Misdiagnosed that day as Cellulitis... which isn't even possible since there was no open wound. Within days of being on amoxicillan my throat felt great & so did I. Finish 14 day amoxicillian. The day I'm on my last dose the RIGHT lymphnode blew up and began hurting the same way, the chills were back. Emergency clinic told me I had mono on Thanksgiving. I had a mono spot test done and it came back negative. I have not felt tired at ALL. I had a complete blood count done and 2 doctors told me they looked fine. I was so upset with my GP doctor that I new doctor was so upset the clinic said I had mono because apparently I would have broken out in a rash if I had mono & was taking amoxicillan. New GP put me on a 7 day antibiotic and again..after the last dose my lymphnode is again beginning to swell back up... every doctor I have seen has brushed me off like its no big deal. I'm 22, otherwise healthy. It's been 2 months of dealing with this illness whatever it may be. I'm worried but nobody else is. Any insight would be greatly appreciated