To whom it may concern,
Hello, yesterday night around 11:00 pm I’ll say my breast started getting swollen, a little pink and tender. My nipples were extremely sensitive and I was extremely frightened. I have a little bump on the side of the top of my nipple but it’s the smallest little bump the size of a small pimple, on the side of my body you know like it’s not the breast anymore but the part that isn’t your back or breast, I had a little bump there but I assumed it was just acne since the center was red and it was the size of one of those deep pimples you know. I told myself I was going to head to the doctor in the morning if the swelling didn’t go down. And here I am, my breast is no longer any slight hint of red it’s still full and a little less swollen than yesterday but the nipple still isn’t extremely sensitive. I am a few days away from getting my period. The thing that tripped me off was I have never felt like this before I have had breast pain during my period but it’s always just sensitive nipples and once in a while the stinging pain in the breast. Has anyone’s ever felt this? Or do you or I if this might be very serious? I was thinking that if it persist till after my period should head to the doctor?