I have been prescribed Wellbutrin/Lexapro for about 5 years. I have noticed lately that I am just "blah". I have no motivation and am emotionless. I have no interest in doing the things I used to love to do and definitely no interest in doing things that I should do (chores, groom, dress nicely). I hate to say it, but I really don't care how I look or how my house looks. I want to care; I just can't. The things I used to love to do don't even occur to me anymore - like tending my garden or making weekend plans. At some point, I will just think, "Wow, I haven't been out in the garden in weeks." Then the thought is gone and I move on to something else. It can be days before I say "I never got out to the garden"! I either think about tasks (like the garden) or start them. but never finish them. The weekend can come and we have no plans because I gave it no thought. I am content to just do nothing. I have goals, but they don't ever get off the ground. My thoughts wander somewhere else. I just have no focus. Anyway, my psychiatrist thinks that the Lexapro may be the culprit . He said that sometimes if a person is on it too long, it can have the reverse effect of what we want it to do. He is transitioning me to Cymbalta: I started 30 mg today and increase to 60 in 7 days, while tapering off of the Lexapro at the same time. He believes it will give me some get-up-and-go motivation and help with focus. Any thoughts? One more thing - for a month or so, I was also prescribed 50mg Vyvanse and it did absolutely nothing for me.