For about a year now my PCP, has been prescribing me percocets for my endometriosis pain, until recently, she uped my pain medication, which caused extreme disorientation, and stomach pain. I went in to see the doctor filling in for her, (she was on vacation) and as he looked at my charts, he told me my doctor was prescribing way too much. Since then, my PCP has drastically lowered the quanity of my medication, and has been under treating me for my pain. She has told me,she spends too much time finding the right medication that will treat my pain,, and she has other patients she could be worrying about. With that said, I was thinking of switching doctors, but my fear is, how will i know this new doctor will prescribe be anything for pain at all? Also, what do I tell him when he asks me why I no longer see my other doctor? I just want to find the right kind of medication to treat my pain and help me live a normal life. Please advice. Are there any good doctor in the state of MA that are not afraid to prescribe pain medication?

Thank you,