I've been taking Mirapex 0.5mg at bedtime for 9 years to treat Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. I've tolerated the medication well and have had no apparent side effects. Recently, I've been experiencing RLS at an increasing rate, and while I used to only get RLS one night per month right before my period, I am now getting it many times per month day and night, and esp. while on long car trips. My dr. said that the Mirapex is augmenting the RLS symptoms and is switching me from Mirapex to Horizant. Last night was my first night of 5 in which I'll be taking 1/2 my usual dose of Mirapex and also taking 1-2 tablets of Horizant. I did not sleep for even one minute. I've been thrashing around so bad that I also took Klonopin, which usually stops RLS after 1 hour, but this time, it didn't work at all. I was so uncoordinated and dopey all night, almost falling down, but couldn't sleep. I've read many stories about how hard it is to get off of Mirapex, but I'm also doubting the effectiveness of the Horizant. I'll continue following dr.'s orders, but hope that the next 5 nights won't be more of the same because I'm already having crying jags this morning. My question is, is Horizant an appropriate treatment for PLMD?