I can't take generic bupropion because my functioning drops dramatically almost to zero as if I'm not taking anything, I can't afford brand Wellbutrin ($340/90 days) or $400 ($133/30 days), the relatively new brand Aplenzin claims it's equivalent to Wellbutrin XL. Problem is Wellbutrin SR and XL for me cause hypomania which leads to severe long-term insomnia in my case, so I'm back and forth with no or too much sleep. I'm allergic to Ambien or similar class meds to force sleep, Seroquel doesn't stop this cycle in combination with SR, ER, or XL. Aplenzin is only available as ER (extended-release). It took 12 years to find antidepressant that works (Wellbutrin plain which lasts for 12 hours taken in the morning so I can sleep at night). Anyone on Wellbutrin switching to Aplenzin ER with personal experience in this situation, with knowledge, suggestions, or solution, especially if your a pharmacological chemist or you are a highly recognized MD by your college-peers (because I don't trust any generics as true equal bio-equivalents or in as in this case I suspect the cause due to peak plasma concentration timing not appropriate for me). I'm stuck - What am I not thinking of or missing? - There must be a solution somehow.