I am going to the doctor tomorrow. I have been trying to switch, but the pharmacy couldn't order them in until I had the script written for film. I got the film RX 2 weeks ago, but when I got to the pharmacy they didn't have any... so I had to go back to the doctor and get it written for tablets. Long story short, I am going to switch tomorrow.
Any advice or information on the benefits of switching to film or staying with the tablets. I think they will be a little more convenient as far as dissolving them during the day. I take 4 in the a.m. and 4 in the afternoon. It's hard to find time during the day to find somewhere that I can be alone and dissolve a half of a pill... sometimes I find myself hiding in the bathroom and swishing it around so that it will dissolve faster. I am hoping the film will help with this.
I ended up just staying on 8mg a day... I didn't do what the doctor had suggested going from 8 to 16 every other day... that just seemed a little crazy.