After a car accident 5 years ago I have been in constant pain. For 3 years I was on methadone (I was taking 75mg a day when I stopped), and I switched to oxycotin after memory loss because a huge issue(I do not remember the 3 years I was on methadone I have nothing). I am now going back to methadone, my ending dose of oxycotin was 40mg X 3 a day with the ability to take up to 2 percocet 10mg pills for breakthrough pain. My doctor told me to switch over straight to the methadone at the same ending dose from before. I have read everywhere that the first week back on methadone needs to be a really small dose because of the half life on methadone. I am so confused and scared. I am feeling weird, headaches, dizzy, muscle spasms, and I feel almost like high but is a weird and icky way. Please help... What should I really be taking? I have done the conversion charts and they are confusing but I think it is telling me 10-15mg a day to start??

Thanks for you help! I am so scared.