I went to doc last thursday and was prescribed 2 8mg a day he said wait 24 hours after last dose so I waited and the next day took one half of 8 mgs and it was pure HELL about mins later I was in full blown withdrawls called the dr and they called some 0.5 xanax and 25mg phenegran phar was closed so I just tuffed it out the first 3 hours was absolutley unbearable to the point of I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance if would have taken the whole 8mgs I would have. I was able to take a normal 60 mgs methadone dose that afternoon and it did help curve symptoms but I still felt bad the next day even,well I now have been weaning myself with 1 half oxy 40mg about every 6-8 hours along with the xanax and phenagran, Today was 72 hours so,I again took 1 half thinking it would work but,again after about half an hour I was feeling really shaky skin crawling but no where near the first time so I called and doc said take 1 more half nothing,some of anxiety went away,about an hour later and I laid down and took a nap. woke up and feel soooooo drained weak and tired a little anxious not full withdrawls but really crappy. I dont know if I should keed tapering with the ocs for a few more days before the switch or to just increase dose like dr said I feel worse after taking this so Im scared to try it again it is subutex not suboxone does anyone else have side effects like skin crawling anxiety or extreme fatiuge? I dont know if I take an oc now if it will help? I dont want to waste my money but I really want to feel better. I am a mom so I cant just be too sick to take care of my babies, Dad is at home today and tommorrow but I just dont know what do do sorry so long but I am hoping someone has been through it and can give advice to me I dont really trust the dr but Ive been stable an methadone for 2 years and I want my life back. thanks for your input,